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About our program

TeenCrunch is...

a free acceleration program, which aims to help young people understand Web 3.0 technologies and further on implement them in order to create disruptive startups. We do our best to provide high quality, cross-generational education to the entrepreneurially brightest young (15-22yo) minds in Europe.

“ TeenCrunch is a unique talent accelerator, where You can try out Your business ideas while perfecting skills that might be vital to Your future success ”

Agnieszka Kranz

How does it work?


By completing the form on our website and sending signed declarations, you apply for participation in our acceleration program. Then, our team will verify your application and, we will meet online to talk about Your qualifications.

Tech Bootcamp

You will participate in a unique course, which will introduce You step by step through the Web 3.0 space. Our experts will show You the possibilities and applications of revolutionary technologies such as DAO, Blockchain or Metaverse

Formation of teams

After getting to know this editions’ participants, You will form small teams within which You will work on creating a disruptive project.

Startup bootcamp 

You will participate in a series of workshops on startup methodologies such as Design thinking and Lean startup  during which, you will gain the knowledge you need to open an innovative business. Under supervision of a mentor You will put all that knowledge into practise, by creating Your own disruptive solution.

DemoDay conference

At the final event summarizing up the program, you will have the opportunity to present your business in the form of a pitch to the VC community, hundreds of innovators and managers.


Become a part of unique community of most ambitious young people in Europe. Meet up, exchange ideas, change the world.

Program regulations 

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